California State University, Fresno Association, Inc., is comprised of the following operating units: Kennel Bookstore, Student Recreation Center, University Dining Services, Student Housing, and University Student Union. The Association, Inc. also provides management, accounting, information services, legal services, and professional services to other campus auxiliary organizations and operations including the Foundation, the Agricultural Foundation, Associated Students and Fresno State Programs for Children.



The Association was organized in 1921 as an unincorporated association of faculty and students at Fresno State Teachers College.  The Association was governed by four faculty and administrators and four students, and was formed to provide a legal body to administer the bookstore, food services, and student body activities.  In 1961, the Association incorporated as the “Fresno State College Association, Inc.” with the same basic purposes.  The scope of activity was expanded with the construction of a college union in 1968, and again in the early 1990s to include student housing.

In June of 1972, Fresno State College was designated “California State University, Fresno”, and on May 28, 1975, the Association amended its Articles of Incorporation to become the “California State University, Fresno Association, Inc.”

In 1975, it became apparent that the activities funded by the mandatory student body card should be transferred to a new auxiliary organization governed by a board that would be composed of students.  As a result, the Association reorganized and the “Associated Students of California State University, Fresno” was formed.