Forms, Guides & Policies

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Account Application

Additional Employment Agreement

  • (Previously Payroll Agreement or Overload Agreement)

Certificate of Insurance: Property/Equipment Lease or Event Agreements

  • If you require a Certificate of Insurance, please contact Keith Kompsi (Director of Foundation Financial Services).

Change Employee Personal Information Form

Community Relations Authorization

Cost Share Project Contribution Report (Excel)

Cost Shared Effort Work Activity Exempt Employees & Faculty (Excel)

Cost Shared Effort Work Activity Hourly & Non-exempt Employees (Excel)

Customer Invoice and Billing Request

DirectPay Activation Form

Effort Reporting Forms

  • If your sponsored program requires effort reporting, hourly employees will certify through the payroll process and salaried employees will be contacted by your Post Award Analyst to certify once per semester.
  • Effort Certification System Educational Guide

Federal Equipment Relocation (Excel)

Hourly Time and Effort Report (Available on Auxiliary HR Employee Resources Page)

Independent Contractors Approval Form, Contract, and Addendum

JDE System Inquiry Application

Journal Entry (Cost Transfer) Form

Payment Authorization

Payment Authorization for Student Support

Private Vehicle Use Authorization

Purchase Order (Word) (Excel)

Released Reimbursement Time Computation Agreement

Transaction Form (Available on Auxiliary HR Employee Resources Page)

Travel Approval Form

Travel Expense Claim Form

Vendor Data Form


Effort Certification System Educational Guide

Post Award Principal Investigator Handbook

Process for Student Support Costs


Accounts Payable Policy

Code of Conduct

Community Relations Policy

Drug Free Workplace Policy

Electronic Communications Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

Investment Policy Statement

Loan Policy

Nepotism Policy

Procurement Policy

Sub-Recipient Policy

Travel Policy

Travel Rates

Trust Account Policy