The California State University, Fresno Foundation was formed in 1931 to provide services in support of the California State University, Fresno mission and goals. Governed by a Board of Governors, the Foundation is managed by an Executive Director. The Board of Governors includes a representative from the University’s administration and local community representatives.

While an integral part of the University, the Foundation is a private, non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation that serves as a contracting agent for the University. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide assistance to faculty and staff with the administration of grants, contracts and trust accounts.

The Foundation is legally and financially responsible for compliance with, and fulfillment of, any contract it enters into on the behalf of California State University, Fresno. Accordingly, the Foundation must operate within the guidelines, rules, and regulations of the California State Board of Trustees, Office of the Chancellor, and be in compliance with federal and state laws. When applicable the Foundation follows the federal OMB circulars A-21, A-110 and A-133 regulations. The Foundation is audited annually by independent auditors who report their findings to the Foundation Board of Governors, the President of California State University, Fresno and the California State University, Board of Trustees.


  • Acts as liaison between project directors and the contracting agencies
  • Assists with the budget, contract interpretations, and follow-up in resolving discrepancies
  • Provides fiscal/accounting services and monthly reports of activity and balances to Project Director
  • Provides personnel and payroll functions
  • Prepares purchase orders
  • Prepares and distributes checks for grant, contract and trust accounts payments
  • Monitors account expenditures and provides assistance in maintaining budget controls
  • Files required fiscal reports on a timely basis with state, federal, and other agencies; monitors the filing (by the project director) of technical reports required by the granting agency
  • Oversees the Mary E. McGarry Student Loan Fund